Read first hand why Austin Smith choses to endorse the following brands.


I am proud to announce Princess as my stick sponsor. Princess have recently come to the shores of South Africa where I've been lucky enough to have my own signature stick made, the Princess A5 which is on sale around SA. Princess is most famously used by Teun de Noojier one of the worlds best, with over 400 caps for The Netherlands. He was involved with the design of Princess sticks from the start which is just one of the reasons it's such a quality brand. I'm happy and proud to be working with such an innovative company!    

2011 Austin Smith (4) WP

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Biogen is a leading health and wellness nutritional supplement brand, with a broad range of products split up over three categories, namely Pro Series (nutrition, fitness, bodybuilding and slimming), Endurance Series (energy, performance and recovery), and our Plantinum Series (vitamins, minerals, herbal and anit-ageing). Biogen is proud to be the endurance and nutrition for one of SA Hockey's best! For more info please visit www.biogen.co.za or visit a Dis-Chem Pharmacy near you.

2012 Austin Smith (15) SA Training Camp Bloemfontein - Martin van Staden


Outsider Communications (OC) was started in 2011 when Eunice Visagie decided to do publicity work on a freelance basis. OC does publicity/public relations work for individuals, teams, events, charity foundations and wine estates. 
The main goal of OC’s work is to lift the public profile of the clients by giving them all the recognition they not only deserve but also need to take their careers, profiles and events to the next level. Eunice was a journalist for 10 years before she committed to OC on a full time basis in 2014.

Outside Communications



ASICS has been developing sports shoes and apparel for more than 60 years now. In addition to that, ASICS in collaboration with athletes have been creating the best hockey shoes on the market. It’s that close partnership between brand and athlete which has made me so excited to be working with ASICS.

* A part of their huge range of footwear and apparel are casual shoes, including these glow in the dark shoes which I think are pretty dam awesome! 

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With 25 years of experience, SportWays is the oldest and most successful organiser of hockey camps and clinics in the world. 

I’m really proud to announce the launch of the NATIONAL SUPER SKILLS CHALLENGE powered by SportWays and PRINCESS Hockey SA. Players, no matter what their current hockey ability will be challenged to try various Super Skills designed and demonstrated by myself in short videos.

I’m excited for the future of South African Hockey when I see what this company is doing for our youth.