SA not there yet, but we can be proud

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Field hockey is becoming more and more professional in South Africa and also around world. Countries like Germany, The Netherlands, India and Argentina already have fulltime hockey programmes, which players are paid to be part of. There are also lucrative club competitions. The addition of the Hockey India League in 2013 was an added incentive for players who are trying to make a living out of hockey. So is it possible for South African hockey players to make the step up to the professional leagues?

When I was twelve years old, my grade seven teacher - an absolute hero - Murray Anderson, was the typical example of a South African hockey player. …

Tape for you injury or tape for your mind?

Illness and injuries are a part of life, but they just aren’t supposed to be a part of mine. In the past six months I’ve had Dengue Fever and a fractured foot. The Dengue Fever, which I picked up while on tour in Malaysia, put me on the side line for almost eight weeks, and my current foot fracture has already meant missing almost all of the Hockey India League and the start of the second round of Dutch Hoofdklasse games.

I’ve found that the most frustrating part of all of this is who to listen to. My initial X-ray and MRI didn’t reveal anything so although I was in pain, I was given the all the clear to play the opening games of the Hockey India League. …